Life Science Careers

Did you know that the country's first cancer center is based right here in Buffalo? Or that the implantable pacemaker that has saved millions of lives was invented in North Tonawanda? Most people don't know what an important role Western New York has played, and continues to play, in life sciences. Or just how many great jobs there are in this exciting and growing industry.

The life sciences industry uses science and technology to make products and services that improve health and well-being - such as medical tests, devices, and drugs. Some products created right here in Western New York include: batteries for pacemakers, blood pressure cuffs, IV bags, temperature therapy systems, and surgical kits.

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Look around you. Almost everything you see was manufactured: the laptop you’re surfing on; the chair you’re sitting in; the shirt on your back; the phone in your pocket. Today’s jobs in manufacturing are less about assembly lines and more about technology. They require skill, innovation, and a commitment to quality. 85% of the manufacturers in the United States are having difficulty filling open positions in their companies. The Dream It Do It program was created to educate the next generation workforce about careers in Advanced Manufacturing.

Manufacturers in Western New York provide great career opportunities. And those opportunities are available right now!

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