Community Resources and Telephone Contacts

Child & Family Services:716-842-2750
Crisis Services:716-834-3131
Family Justice Center of Erie County:716-558-SAFE716-558-7233
Poison Control Centers:716-878-7654

Crisis Services: 716-834-3131

The advocate program provides crisis intervention and support 24 hours a day for victims of domestic violence, family violence, rape and sexual assault.

Child and Family Services - Haven House: 716-884-6000

Provides safe, confidential services for victims of domestic violence.

Horizons Human Services: 716-686-3708

An outpatient clinic provides NYS certified alcoholism and chemical dependency treatment services. Services include community service, drug/alcohol treatment education, first offender diversion, mental health treatment and pre-trial evaluation.

BryLin Adolescent Outpatient Center: 716-633-1927

BryLin Hospitals' outpatient services are individualized within core programs both adults and adolescents. The core program, constructed around traditional self-help groups, encourages family involvement.

Spectrum Human Services: 716-662-2040

Spectrum provides a wide range of time-efficient services targeted to those whose chemical use, including alcohol and other drugs, is interfering with the health, relationships, or functioning and to those whose lives are affected by someone else's chemical use.

Mid-Erie Counseling and Treatment Services: 716-681-5077 or 716-895-6700

The mission of Mid-Erie Counseling and Treatment Services is to collaborate with customers, families, and communities to promote wellness and recovery through an array of mental health and chemical dependency treatment, education, and support services.

Lancaster Outpatient Alcoholism Clinic (Kaleida Health Network): 716-681-4957

Substance abuse treatment on West Main Street in Lancaster.

If this is an emergency you should telephone 911 immediately. The CATS system is not monitored over weekends, holidays or school recess.

CATS Hotline: 686-5151