Good Morning Depew,

This is Dr. Rabey with an update from Friday’s message about our Yellow Zone Designation.

As I am sure you are aware, Governor Cuomo placed a majority of Erie County, including the Depew School-Community in a yellow micro-cluster zone. Under a yellow zone designation, schools have two options; to go fully remote or to remain open with mandatory weekly testing of 20% of our in-person students, teachers, and staff.

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience, as we have been diligently verifying all of the fluid information that has been shared with us over the past ten days. It is my responsibility to be sure that the information that I share with our school-community is as accurate and up to date as possible and that it has been indeed verified. With that being stated, it is now very important that you visit our website at for a special updated letter about our Yellow Zone Designation, our Drive Thru Testing Plan and Map and our link to our Consent Form, which will need to be completed no later than Tuesday, November 24th. Our anticipated start date for testing is Monday, November 30th.

Please take time to consider the information provided and participating in the random COVID-19 testing. Once again, we would like to stay open, but are prepared to seamlessly shift to fully remote instruction should we need to. Since things have been changing rapidly, I urge all Depew families to prepare for the potential of remote instruction and plan now for any child care needs.

I will continue to keep you informed as we receive more information.

Be Safe!

Special updated letter about our Yellow Zone Designation
Drive Thru Testing Plan and Map

COVID-19 Testing Consent Form