Good Afternoon,

This is Dr. Rabey from Depew Schools with another important message:

As we continue to hear that there may be some imminent changes to the NYSDOH and NYSED regulations for schools, in order to allow more students to come back to in-person instruction, please know that the District has been advocating for these possible changes and stands at the ready to pivot, as efficiently and effectively as possible, to meet the new requirements, whatever they be, just as we did in the summer prior to our September Re-Opening.  These areas include but are not limited to; transportation, numbers of students allowed for in person instruction on multiple days of more than 2 and the availability of continued remote instruction for those families that desire it.  All of these issues will be resolved, once we have clear and adjusted guidance.  As always, we are proactively working with other regional schools and the ECDOH.   

More information will be forthcoming once it is available.