Good Afternoon,

This is Dr. Rabey from Depew Schools with an important message:

As we continue to monitor for any imminent changes to the NYSDOH and NYSED regulations for schools, which will hopefully allow more students to come back to in-person instruction, please know that the District stands at the ready to pivot, as efficiently and effectively as possible, to meet the new requirements.

As we navigate a return to traditional in-person instruction five days a week, many people are wondering who makes the final decision to lower the social distancing requirement. While it is true that the District could make the choice to lower social distancing requirements against the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NYSDOH and our Erie County Department of Health, such a move would not be prudent or safe and potentially expose the District to liabilities. We need these experts, especially the NYSDOH, to give us criteria for lowering the social distancing requirements, which would allow us to fully reopen in the safest manner possible.

Please join us in this advocacy and if you haven’t already, please consider sending a letter to our state legislators and Governor Cuomo advocating for lower social distancing requirements. We have a sample letter for your use on our website at

Thank you.

Letter on COVID Learning Model (3/12/2021)

Advocacy Letter for Parents (Word)

Advocacy Letter for Parents (PDF)