Good Afternoon Depew, this is a special message from Dr. Rabey:

As we will be opening schools at full capacity this fall, and are currently staffing and preparing our buildings for a full five days a week of in-person learning, we just learned last week that the NYSDOH will not be providing any further guidance on the opening of schools in September.  In the absence of State guidance, we are now working with the Erie County Department of Health, our local authority, for their guidance on safely opening our schools in September.

Some of the key aspects of our opening will be the mitigation strategies to be utilized, such as masking, contact tracing, surveillance testing and vaccinations.

As soon as we receive further guidance and fully understand its implications for opening our schools this fall, we will communicate that with the school-community. Our goal is to get this communication out during the week of August 23rd.  We thank you again for your continued support, cooperation and patience.