Beginning in September of 2019 Depew UFSD will have a district license for Remind.  You may be familiar with Remind from a club, sports team or one of your child's teachers. Remind is a service, and app, that is available for our teachers, advisors, and coaches to communicate with parents, and students.  It will enable them to send out reminders, messages, and notices as well as documents and assignments through Schoology.

If your child's coach, club advisors or teachers use Remind they will send you a link or code to use.  This will connect you to that staff members Remind.  You can also opt-out of getting messages.  If you want to opt-out click this link for instructions. 

Please contact Mr. D'Amato at jdamato@depewschools.org or 716-686-5125 with any questions.