Guests Share UB's ISE Program with Depew Students

A University at Buffalo doctoral student and graduate academic coordinator started a new undergraduate initiative in their School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Department to enhance relationships with local schools and inform students as to what ISE is all about. As a whole, colleges are finding more and more students transferring into Industrial and Systems Engineering from other departments on campus or from other colleges or universities. On Oct. 18, high school students from Raymond Cooper's Project Lead the Way, Computer Integrated Manufacturing classes were given the opportunity to see what UB’s School of Industrial and Systems Engineering has to offer. The guest speakers were hoping to catch the interest of students from science/math/engineering classes or any juniors/seniors that would be interested in the UB program. Topics offered at Depew High School that carry over to ISE include production and manufacturing, statistics and quality, ergonomics and safety, modeling and optimization, and simulation and analytics. For more information on the UB program, visit