Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)

In 2006, Depew High School formed an organization called the Depew High School Parent Teacher Student Organization. Parents, teachers and students have general meetings once per month on a Wednesday.

The meetings are held in the Depew High School conference room at 3:30 p.m. The Depew PTSO Executive Board is elected each year and along with the principal and assistant principal, consists of three parents of DHS students, three DHS teachers, and three DHS students (one from each grade 10-12).

During the school year, the PTSO provides funding for DHS students for special events and bus transportation for approved field trips.

The goals of the DHS PTSO:

*The Depew High School PTSO shall work to maintain and improve communication among parents, faculty, students, administrators, and community members to provide a framework for promoting high standards at Depew Schools.

*The Depew High School PTSO shall encourage a beneficial and positive relationship between high school parents, students, faculty and staff.

*The Depew High School PTSO shall enlist the support of parents, teachers, and students in striving for academic excellence and extracurricular programs.

*The Depew High School PTSO shall serve as an educational forum (non-personal issues) for parents, faculty, students and staff.