C.A.T.S. For Parents

CATS Hotline: 686-5151

The Depew Public School District continues to take many positive steps to ensure the safety and well being of our students and staff.

The following measures are in place to deal with alcohol and substance abuse:

  • Board of Education policy
  • Health and wellness days
  • Health curriculum
  • P.A.W.S. Police Assistance Within School - Detective Steven L. Lehman
  • Partnership with Lancaster Youth Bureau (SafeHomes, Peer Mediation, Youth Court, Youth Volunteer Program)
  • School counselors and psychologists

This network of support works together to minimize the risks and dangers in schools.

P.A.W.S. Resource: Detective Scott Hossfeld, 716-683-1123

Depew High School

Principal, Carol Townsend, 716-686-5095
Assistant Principal, Hillary Weir, 716-686-5090

School Counselors
Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Joseph D'Amato, 716-686-5125

George Bushey, 716-686-5072
Leo Cintron, 716-686-5071
Kim McEwen, 716-686-5073
Katie Malczewski, 716-686-5074

School Psychologist:
Erica Gregoire, 716-686-5075

Depew Middle School

Principal, Jay Lupini, 716-686-5050

School Counselors
Joanne Ryder, 716-686-5052
Belinda Westfield, 716-686-5054

School Psychologist:
Erica Gregoire, 716-686-5075

Cayuga Heights Elementary School

Principal, Michelle Kudla, 716-686-5006
Assistant Principal, Lynn Girdlestone, 716-686-5113

School Counselors:
Lorraine Wojtkowiak, 716-686-5014
Teresa Banasik, 716-686-5015
Jane Janus, 716-686-5013

School Psychologist:
Colleen Gannon, 716-686-5019

If a crisis situation develops at any time, contact Crisis Services immediately for assistance. 24 hour helpline: 716-834-3131

If this is an emergency you should telephone 911 immediately. The CATS system is not monitored over weekends, holidays or school recess.