Congratulations to teachers, Mr. Patrick Uhteg and Mr. Joseph Ward for winning the State Farm Teacher Assist Grant for New York! They each will receive $2,500 for their innovative projects at Cayuga Heights. 

Mr. Uhteg’s Elementary Puppet Theater Project will allow students to act, write scripts, and help produce short skits which will be viewed by the students at Cayuga Heights. These skits will teach students kindness, leadership skills, and many other positive character traits. 

“Since Chef Hugo has been well received, students can now be the storytellers and character teachers for their classmates. And we all know that Cayuga Kids are leaders in friendship, kindness and caring!” Mr. Uhteg said.

This project is expected to start in the 2021-2022 school year, but preparations and planning will start this spring.

Mr. Ward plans to use his funds for enhancing the remote experience in his classroom.

“Recreating an in-school experience for the remote students has always been my goal this year. Using the grant funds for green screens and technology, like a full license for Seesaw, will definitely help enhance our remote community in kindergarten,” Mr. Ward said.

He also plans to use the grant funds to bring more music into his lessons.

“Music in the classroom has amazing effects on student learning and retention of information as well,” he added.

When school can return to normal, Mr. Ward would love to have the green screens available for students and classrooms to use for projects as well.

Mr. Uhteg and Mr. Ward said they are both honored and appreciative of State Farm for selecting them as recipients of the grant.

“It’s just another way we can discover and celebrate the creativity and talents of the students at Cayuga Heights Elementary,” Mr. Uhteg said.