Closing Procedures

Closing schools due to hazardous weather conditions during the winter months is a difficult decision. The final decision is made by the District’s Superintendent after consultation with the local weather bureau, area police agencies, and neighboring school districts. Parents are urged to follow these guidelines for school closings.

GLOBAL CONNECT Rapid Notification system will dial the home, work and cell phone numbers of parents, guardians and staff to deliver important messages. The district will record emergency messages, school closing information and other pertinent information and broadcast these messages rapidly to all stakeholders in the district. It is an improved way of disseminating information under our District Safety Plan. Please ensure the school building has your current phone numbers.

LISTEN TO YOUR LOCAL RADIO AND TELEVISION STATIONS - Announcements will be made over the radio and television stations as early as possible (between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m.). Please check announcements on one of the following if the weather is stormy. Do not telephone the schools as phone lines are used to handle the emergency situation.

CHECK WITH NEIGHBORS - They made have heard the radio announcements and can relay messages. Please refrain from calling the public schools, if possible. Do not make presumptions about Depew closing schools. Although other area schools have closed, DEPEW MAY NOT CLOSE.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES will not be transported to BOCES or private placements when the public schools are closed due to weather.

NON-PUBLIC SCHOOLS served by Depew will be notified. Depew buses will not transport students to private or parochial schools on that day.

EVENING ACTIVITIES will generally be cancelled, with the possible exception of away games in sports.

IF SCHOOL IS CLOSED DURING THE SCHOOL DAY, Students will be kept at the schools until the latest possible moment for safety reasons. Generally, the students are safer at school in a supervised and warm environment. In the event that children MUST be returned home, dismissal will occur on a school-by-school basis. Please have an emergency plan in place. Parents should arrange to have their children met upon their return and have a neighbor alerted to provide temporary shelter until you arrive home.