Dr. Henry Stopinski

Hank Stopinski, Ed.D.
Superintendent Depew Union Free School District
5201 S. Transit Road
Depew, NY 14043

Phone: (716) 686-5105
Fax: (716) 686-5101

Secretary to the Superintendent: Jessica Neischel
Phone: (716) 686-5104



July 2022

I am so pleased to serve the Depew Union Free School District as your Superintendent of Schools. Over the past 30 years I have had the pleasure of working with outstanding students, parents, support staff, teachers, administrators, Boards of Education, community members and elected officials. During my survey of the District, I learned that the values and traditions found in Depew align with my personal and professional values. I am truly looking forward to working with the Board of Education to chart a course that will build on the strengths already in place.

As Superintendent for the Depew Union Free School District, my immediate goal will be to establish relationships, build trust, understand, and get to know the administration, teachers, support staff, coaches, students, parents, and stakeholder groups within the community. I shall begin to understand the strengths, challenges, opportunities and needs of the District. My plan will encompass three phases and I will present my findings around October 1.

Phase I - Get to Know the Depew Union Free School District. Initially, I will perform a comprehensive review of available documents, conduct extensive tours of each school building, and reach out to all of the various stakeholder groups of the District.

Phase II - Assimilating and Analyzing Information. Information gathered will be synthesized to highlight my observations with regards to specific strengths, needs, opportunities and challenges that face the District. I will solicit critical comment and feedback to ensure an accurate representation of the District is reflected. Additional information will be gathered, if needed, and revisions made prior to the findings being presented to the board, administration, teachers, and central office staff.

Phase III - Planning and Implementation. Once a thorough analysis of the District has been completed, a final report will be issued to the Board of Education. It will include a review of findings, recommendations and the action steps needed to continue the positive growth and improvement of schools within the District.

Born in western New York and raised in a Polish American extended family, I understand firsthand the traditions, values and importance of community. I have been married to my wife Carol for thirty-one years, and have two adult children – Jason and Peter. Our family and I have been very active in our schools, community, church and scouting for many years and plan to bring this engagement and service to Depew. When not spending time in the district at an athletic event, concert, musical performance, science fair or PTA sponsored event, I enjoy cooking, gardening and outdoor activities. I am a certified backcountry guide and enjoy leading scouts and their parents on wilderness canoe trips.

I am hopeful that members of the school and community will reach out to me and share their experiences in Depew. What are those traditions and special events that I need to attend? What are the greatest strengths of our schools and areas in need of improvement? What would you like Depew to be recognized for in five years that may not already be seen as exceptional?

I welcome any conversations or email and can be reached at 716-686-5104 or

Henry J. Stopinski, Ed.D