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Superintendent Depew Union Free School District
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Secretary to the Superintendent: Jessica Neischel
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November 2021 Message

Since 2011, the Depew Union Free School District has consistently reviewed our facilities and mechanical systems through a Building Conditions Survey, which is used to develop our future plans for facility improvements. For this proposed Capital Project, as we always do, we took our school community’s priorities into account.

As a result of the Board of Education’s approval; the District will now be moving forward with a public vote on Tuesday, December 14th from Noon to 9:00pm in the High School Gymnasium for the proposed $34,700,000 Capital Project 2021 propositions.

The District utilizes a Facility Improvement Team (FIT) that met with our architect to review the future plans and information collected during the Building Conditions Survey this past summer.

The Depew School Community's input is always vital for the FIT to consider in its decision-making process and was the direct result of Propositions two and three on the December 14th ballot.

The first $20,200,000 proposition will highlight our initial prioritized needs, including district-wide bathroom renovations, installation of a new floor in the Cayuga Heights Old Gym, relocating and redesigning the tennis courts, pool renovations, updating technology classrooms, installing outdoor classroom spaces, and replacing and upgrading numerous mechanical systems. This proposition will be tax neutral, as we will be utilizing $2,500,000 from our Capital Reserve and $620,000 from other budgeted monies.

We had 215 participants submit 185 thoughts and make 6,139 ratings on those thoughts in the initial ThoughtExchange we put forward in May. A Cayuga Heights Auditorium and District-wide air conditioning were two of the highest rated thoughts to come out of that survey. These two proposals are Propositions two and three respectively. The new Auditorium proposal will total $4,700,000, of which $3,468,149 will come from the local share or $0.19 per $1000. District-wide air conditioning will cost $9,800,000, which $1,700,000 will come from a federal grant and the local share will be $1,452,871 or $0.08 per $1000. The remaining financial support will come from the District’s allotted New York State Building Aid, which will cover 84%. If all three propositions pass on December 14th, the total tax impact for 16 years will be an average of $0.27 per $1000 or $27.00 for a $100,000 assessed value home.

It is important to note that Proposition 1, the remaining building condition survey items and various other aesthetic items, needs to pass before Proposition 2, the Cayuga Heights Elementary School Auditorium, can be considered and Propositions 1 and 2 need to pass before Proposition 3, District wide air conditioning, can be considered. This order is related to health, safety, and instructional priorities.

A special Capital Project 2021 Landing Page has been setup on our District Website at in order to assist our school-community in making an informed decision on December 14th. Please be sure to keep checking back on our Capital Project 2021 Landing Page for new information, including a Frequently Asked Questions document and various interview videos of the proposed work to be done, as well as the impact that these improvements could have on our Depew Campus and most importantly for our students.

If approved on December 14, this timeline will allow us to package the project to be sent to NYSED in early 2022 with a potential approval in the fall of 2022. We can then take advantage, as we have in the past, of bidding the project in January of 2023. Bidding in January has always been very favorable for us, as we have come out under budget each time by approximately $1.5 million.


Jeffrey R. Rabey, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

June 15, 2021 Announcement

Please read the letter from Dr. Rabey on his retirement after 30 years in education and 12 years as the Depew Superintendent of Schools. He plans to retire on June 30, 2022 and a smooth transition for the next superintendent. 

Letter from Dr. Rabey