The Depew UFSD adopted a Code of Conduct. The Code has been written to comply with the NY State Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act (also known as project SAVE).

The Code of Conduct is available in the Related Files area below.

Who? The Code of Conduct applies to all students, District personnel, parents, volunteers, contract workers and other visitors when on District property or attending a District function.

When? The Code of Conduct took effect on July 1, 2001. This document is reviewed annually by the Board of Education.

Where? The provisions of the Code of Conduct apply to activities taking place on any property, or in any building owned or leased by the District including District-supervised school buses. The Code also applies at District-sponsored extra-curricular events and any school related Work to Study, Internship, Field Trip or Site Visitation.

Why? The Depew UFSD is committed to providing a safe and orderly educational environment where students receive and District personnel deliver quality educational services without disruption or interference and to comply with state, federal and local code, laws and policies.