Our Comprehensive District Education Plan, otherwise known as CDEP, is a long-range plan that provides the framework of how our school district plans to improve learning, instruction and achievement over time. Throughout each year, we study our teaching practices and assessment data to judge where we are doing well and where we can improve. An important aspect of this process is our ongoing Professional Development (PD) program. Through PD, our teachers are regularly trained in current, research-based best practices in teaching and learning.


One of our main areas of PD focus is Curriculum Mapping. As evidenced by the research of Robert Marzano, the number one factor impacting student achievement is providing our teachers with a “guaranteed and viable curriculum”. The outcome of our Curriculum Mapping process is to insure that each grade level and content area has a “guaranteed and viable curriculum”. In other words, the curriculum mapping process will assist us in defining the essential content and skills that should be learned by all students at each grade level and in each content area. As we define the essential content and skills, we will also be working to insure that there is sufficient time available in the school year for the students to be able to successfully achieve the essential learning. Through grade level and departmental meetings, our teachers will have the opportunity to discuss their required curriculums and make adjustments based on data and operational analysis.

One of the long-range goals of Curriculum Mapping is to have all the maps available here for public viewing. Many of our maps are now available here for viewing. These are living documents and will be continually updated with new resources and instructional strategies.


Math K-8, Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig


Social Studies(6-12)

Science K-8, Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry and Physics


Family And Consumer Science FACS (6-8)

Language Other Than English
LOTE (7-12)

Physical Education(K-12)






Content and skills mapped Sept through June, working on aligning to Common Core StandardsMS/HS courses have designed learning maps to be used for each unit of study.

Have mapped Writing Standards, focusing on Content, skills and assessments. Begun aligning to CommonCore State

Content, skills , vocabulary and essential questions have been mapped September -June

Content and key vocabulary has been mapped in most courses Sept. – June.

Grade 8: ¾ complete with essential questions, content and skills. Grade 11: Sept- June is mapped.Both courses are aligned to updated NYS Health Frameworks Document.

Level 1 for French and Spanish has content, skills, vocabulary, essential questions and standards mapped

Grade 2 and 3 completeGrades 4-5 has EQ’s, content and skillsMS and HS all grades have units mapped with content and skills

HS: Studio Art mapped, content, skills and vocabularyHS: PhotoContent, skills, vocabulary and standards.

Grade 8: content , skills and vocabulary

Have mapped Computer Applications Course: content, skills , vocabulary and standards

General music K-8 has been mapped identifying content, skills and vocabulary

HS: DDP+ , Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing and gr. 7 Tech Ed. have been mapped showing content, skills, vocabulary and NYS standards


Will map on August 2 and 3 (Summer Curriculum writing) Continued crossover, aligning with Common Core State Standards and supplemental resources to be used with instruction.

Will map on June 28 and 29 (Summer Curriculum writing) Continued crossover, aligning with Common Core State Standards. Exposed to tools and strategies that will enable upgrade of curriculum to 21st century learning. Using map as reflective tool.

Analyzing writing to define a common set of writing goals with common, spiraled rubrics and electronic portfolios to store student work. Have reached out to -5 staff for input on their writing strategies.

High frequency vocabulary being added to all grade levels. Most maps need update of process skills.

Complete last unit, and add NYS Standards. Must address parenting mandate in HS.

Discussion between Health grade 8 and FACS 6-8. Identified gaps not in health. Addresses family unit.

Work will continue this summer to map levels 2,3, 4 and 5.

More detail is skills to be measure.

Continue mapping other business courses.


Begin using the common core curriculum September 2011

Work on formative assessments must be ongoing, aligned with new Common Core State Standards. First implementation will be Spring 2011

Formative assessments are the next step. Development has begun in this area.

Vertical alignment of skills must continue. Inquiry skills, expository writing and consistent lab reporting needs to be spiraled in the maps

Development formative assessments of skill and content* Move health in the high school to Grade 10. (11/12 is too late) with a focus on parenting in freshman seminar.

Design formative assessments to measure growth over time

Need to align assessments and design for lower grades. Secondary using the PE profile

Assessments need to be aligned to instruction Photo: align assessments to instruction

Grade 8: identify standards being addressed and align assessments

Design assessments aligned with specific measurable skills

Aligned assessments for all levels need to be designed and entered in maps

Assessments are being designed to measure formative growth. Essential Questions need to be identified.