Our Comprehensive District Education Plan, otherwise known as CDEP, is a long-range plan that provides the framework of how our school district plans to improve learning, instruction and achievement over time. Throughout each year, we study our teaching practices and assessment data to judge where we are doing well and where we can improve. An important aspect of this process is our ongoing Professional Development (PD) program. Through PD, our teachers are regularly trained in current, research-based best practices in teaching and learning.


One of our main areas of PD focus is Curriculum Mapping. As evidenced by the research of Robert Marzano, the number one factor impacting student achievement is providing our teachers with a “guaranteed and viable curriculum”. The outcome of our ongoing Curriculum Mapping process is to insure that each grade level and content area has a “guaranteed and viable curriculum”. In other words, the curriculum mapping process will assist us in defining the essential content and skills that should be learned by all students at each grade level and in each content area. As we define the essential content and skills, we will also be working to insure that there is sufficient time available in the school year for the students to be able to successfully achieve the essential learning. Through grade level and departmental meetings, our teachers have the opportunity to discuss their required curriculums and make adjustments based on data and operational analysis.