Policy 3220: Public Participation at Board Meetings

The Board of Education values the contribution of its District residents and wishes to facilitate their participation at Board meetings. District residents will be heard at the pleasure of the Board during the fifteen (15) minute Public Forum segments at the beginning and at the end of the meeting. Up to three (3) minutes may be allowed for each District resident who wishes to address the Board. Additional time may be granted by a majority vote of the Board. During the public forum section, topics which appear on the agenda and those which may not may be discussed. This time is not meant to be a dialogue between the board and the public, but a chance for the public to express their opinions, make comments, express concerns or pose questions. The Board will take issues raised under consideration and advisement for further study and action.

Public participation at Board meetings may help the Board in its decision-making while providing a valid forum for public expression on School District matters. The Board has the responsibility to conduct meetings in an orderly manner and may require reasonable controls regarding public participation at Board meetings. To maintain a civil discourse and decorum necessary to further the overall purpose of the meeting speakers are to refrain from defamatory or derogatory comments. The Board, vests in the President or presiding Board officer the prerogative to determine whether or not a given speaker is acting within the provisions of this policy.

Other procedures for expressing complaints and seeking re-dress are available to the public. (See Board of Education Policy #4210: Administrative Organization and Operation, Policy #4211: Line Responsibility and Policy 4212: Organizational Chart Policy 3230: Public Complaints/Guidelines for Citizen Input)

Adopted: June 19, 2012